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What are Change the Game Data Academies?

Change the Game Academies are bootcamp style online trainings that include:

  • Mentorship and small team project based learning;
  • A community speaker series to provide networking and community development opportunities;
  • Online learning courses; and
  • An online communication platform for participants, and the larger progressive data community, to support one another in the important work they are doing.

Change the Game offers two bootcamp style online academies: 

  1. An entry level academy for folx interested in learning new data skills and to begin working as data staffers in the progressive space. Our target participants have never used tools like SQL or BigQuery, and don’t have advanced skills in Google Sheets to pull and manipulate data.
  2. An intermediate level academy for individuals who: a. have one or more cycles of data work beneath their belt; or b. have graduated from Change the Game’s entry level academy.

When are Applications Open?

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What hardware do participants need?

Participants need access to a computer or laptop, and reliable internet. However, Change the Game will provide laptops to all participants who need them, and WIFI hotspots to those without access to reliable internet. 

Who is the target audience of the Change the Game Academy?

For our Beginner Academy:

You do not have to have a lot of experience working with these tools, however we are looking for folks who are interested in learning and like to play around with new tools to get a better understanding of what they can do, and how you can use them to affect change in your communities.

It would be useful – though not required – for participants to have some experience in the progressive space. For example, working on or volunteering for a campaign or a local advocacy organization.


For our Intermediate Academy:

You understand the foundations of basic data tools and are looking to level up. Participants applying for the intermediate academy want to:

  • Stretch their skills to optimize their abilities,
  • Learn the advanced data tools out there, and
  • Be able to more effectively contribute to their teams.

We recommend applicants have at least one or two cycles of data experience under their belt, or they are graduates of Change the Game’s beginner academy. A passion for diversifying the data space is key.

Our online Academies are data bootcamp style trainings that include:

  • Primers or pre recorded trainings on our online learning platform, which ensure learning to prepare participants for activities and live training sessions;
  • Live trainings held in Zoom classrooms where participants work with our trainers to understand concepts, skills and context around work in the data space;
  • Small group activities facilitated by our professional mentors, folx from the progressive data space who have real world experience and can help participants understand not just what they’re doing, but why they’ll need to understand each concept covered;
  • Office hours to support technical, emotional, and knowledge based challenges for all participants. Here you can get one-on-one support from Change the Game’s team, to ensure you have what you need to be successful, not just in this training, but as a data professional moving forward; and
  • Placement support to ensure you have the network needed to enter the progressive data space and get hired as a data professional upon graduation.

Who Should Apply

To us, it’s more important that our participants have an interest, or even better a passion, for the work we do, than any hard skills or experience. We need people who love playing around with Excel or Google Sheets, who find themselves down rabbit holes online to learn a little bit more about a new tool or trick, and who have a passion for progressive politics and working to make the world a better place.

A great Change the Game academy participate:

  • Has had experience, or wishes to gain experience in the broader progressive space;
  • Has an interest in database or list management;
  • Is from a traditionally underrepresented community;
  • Enjoys playing around with new tools that enable change in your community;
  • Is interested in progressive politics and believes in the general principles of community, education and the rights of all human beings;
  • Wants to bring people together, to do more, build something bigger, and make sure everyone’s shared goal(s) are in sight;
  • Can communicate their needs, successes and when they need support in a proactive, clear and timely manner; and
  • Is looking to work full-time for a progressive organization within three months of graduation.

How much does the Change the Game Academy cost?


We ask for a $250 suggested donation per participant for each academy. At Change the Game, it’s important that everyone who wants to participate in our training has the opportunity to do so, which is why we ask for a suggested donation instead of a tuition for this course. We know the past couple years have been full of challenges and hardships, and want you to know that an inability to donate does not make you ineligible for this academy.

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Still have questions?

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