What we do...

At Change the Game, we’re building a community of passionate, progressive data professionals. We work to ensure there’s a pipeline for those interested in joining this community, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or the level of education or experience they have. 

Change the Game supports and aims to build a strong, diverse progressive data community through:

Community Building

We're building and supporting a virtual community for data practitioners to share lessons learned, best practices, and questions

Training Academies

We conduct regular training academies, both in person and online, to grow a larger community of practitioners

Online Learning

We provide online courses and interactive virtual trainings to support new practices and learning by community members and future practitioners

Ongoing Professional Development

We ensure that Change the Game community members have access to the tools they need to continue to be successful as they grow in their careers

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Who We Are

Change the Game brings together a diverse group of trainers, coaches, mentors and community leaders who have decades of experience working for and training with organizations such as the New Organizing Institute, re:power (formerly Wellstone Action), and more. We work to develop and sustain a diverse community of seasoned and future data professionals in the progressive space, to ensure a diverse and supportive community.

About Change the Game

Change the Game (CtG) knows there is a lack of diversity in the progressive data space, something that is detrimental not only to living our values, but to the quality of analysis of the data we need to win. For this reason, CtG aims to create accessible pathways into this field for a diverse group of learners, who hope to gain the skills and understanding of tools needed to start working as data staffers for progressive organizations around the country.

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Online Learning Library

We offer at-your-own pace online learning courses to support individuals interested in working or continuing to work in the progressive data space. 

Sign up to learn new skills, such as SQL and data visualization, and understand how to use tools specific to our work, such as VAN, and data warehouses and management systems. We are continuing to develop new courses and update existing courses, so be sure to keep coming back to check them out! 

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“I feel really empowered to be more pro-active to practice and better learn the skills I was introduced to here.”

— JASMINE LEIVA, Change the Game Participant