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Change The Game in Washington, DC on August 18, 2017.

2020 Data Academy Mentors


Andrew Greenberg

Andrew is an experienced community organizer and data practitioner. Currently, he is the Senior Manager of Tool and Network Support at Indivisible, where he leads the work of providing voter contact and digital organizing tools to Indivisible’s network of 5,000 local active groups. He has worked on candidate campaigns in Florida, Texas, and Alaska. Additionally, he has planned and supported advocacy and long-term organizing work in all 50 states.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Andrew has made Colorado his home. He serves on the board of the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable, a coalition of more than forty 501(c)3 organizations in Colorado conducting non-partisan civic engagement work. He is also involved with the Chinook Fund, a Colorado-based small-donor circle that helps train new cohort members in race and class analysis, grassroots fundraising, and grant-making. Andrew is Chair of the Faith in Action Commission at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver, where he coordinates the cathedral’s justice work.

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Carter Kalchik

Carter Kalchik (on the right) is freelance data and analytics consultant. He has worked with domestic and international political campaigns, the U.S. labor movement, civic engagement organizations, and industry to achieve measurable results using data and technology.

Most recently, Carter was the deputy data and analytics director for the Elizabeth Warren campaign. Prior to that, he was head of analytics for the AFL-CIO. Carter has worked in progressive political data and technology since 2009, serving in senior technology roles at the Ohio and Colorado Democratic Parties, as data director the Obama re-election campaign in Virginia, and as an analyst and engineer for the AFL-CIO. He has also started two successful boutique analytics consulting firms.

Carter has been a regular coach and trainer at progressive data boot camps. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from The George Washington University and was born in Columbus, Ohio.

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Tim Lumpkins

Tim Lumpkins is the Data & Targeting Manager at the Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative (MOVE) and MOVE Action, c3 and c4 coordinating tables catalyzing political transformation in Missouri. In his role, he has provided data and targeting support for progressive organizations across the state. Before joining MOVE (Action), Tim worked as the data analyst for the public policy team at Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri. Outside of work, Tim studies herbalism, practices organic gardening, and serves on the board of the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, which provides social-emotional support to trans and non-binary humans in the St. Louis area.

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Jamara Wilson

Jamara has worked with several progressive organizations over the last few years on projects related to voter turnout, ballot measures, and community building.  She has over 19 years of experience in project management, business operations, and process management and has successfully participated in the research and program implementation of various for-profit, non-profit, and civic organizations. 

Jamara believes in the power of efficiency as a tool to assist the efforts impacting positive social change.  Her commitment to civic engagement by way of equipping progressive organizations with operational agility and a multi-equity lens in their events and grassroots campaigns has allowed her to successfully manage projects for the NAACP, Faith in Public Life, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC), the Florida 501c3 Civic Engagement Table (State Voices), and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to name a few. 

Based out of Melbourne, Florida, you’ll find Jamara splurging on tea bags and using every excuse to work from the beach.

Alex Barbieri

Alex (on the left) has been working in progressive data & analytics for the last 6 years. He got his start as a Data Associate on the Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign and Battleground Texas helping to lay the infrastructure that has turned Texas into the largest battleground state. Since then, he’s held data roles in Ohio for the Clinton campaign, in Virginia with For Our Future, and in Florida as the State Party and Coordinated Campaign Data Director (including the 2018 Florida Recount!). Most recently, he worked for the Elizabeth Warren campaign in Iowa as the Data & Analytics Director.

Alex has a B.A. in Political Science from The George Washington University. He is originally from Venezuela, where he lived for 4 years, but was born in New Orleans and graduated from High School in Houston, TX (so that’s technically home). In his spare time, he’s a regular at Costco and is constantly on the lookout for Venezuelan food.


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McKenzie Young

McKenzie is a survey research professional with over a decade of experience in academic, political, and non-profit environments. She has a passion for leading organizations to make better decisions through data. Over the last few years, she worked for Senator Cory Booker’s presidential campaign and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, helping to guide strategy and decision making through opinion research.

McKenzie has a master’s degree in Political Behavior and Identities from Duke University and a BA in Political Science and Statistics from Elon University. When she’s not crunching the numbers, McKenzie loves to run with her dog Freya and try new outdoor activities. Most recently, she’s taking sailing lessons.